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Hospital Mobile App Development for Patients: Challenges and Benefits

In this regard, current medical solutions should be cloud-based and contain IoT, AI, blockchain, Big Data, and analytics technologies. In terms of healthcare APIs, the apps of this type can include box API, human API, BetterDoctor, Doximity, and Apple HealthKit API. It offers various tools for healthcare professionals to increase their work efficiency and provide better services to patients. Under a subscription model, there are several implications you might face for ownership rights & patient security. The healthcare provider may not fully own the app or the data it collects, which reduces their ability to customize the app to their specific needs. Also, they won’t be able to ensure the security and privacy of patient data.

What is the most commonly used database in healthcare?

One of the most commonly used forms of healthcare databases are electronic health records (EHRs). Practitioners enter routine clinical and laboratory data into EHRs during usual practice as a record of the patient's care.

Get hand-selected expert engineers to supplement your team or build a high-quality mobile/web app from scratch. You may find interesting articles about best country to outsource app development and IT outsourcing in Ukraine. Pregnancy is a difficult and crucial period in the life of any woman, so your patients will certainly appreciate the additional help and care provided through a handy app. After a patient finds the right specialist, he or she can contact the doctor and make an appointment, after which the patient may also leave a review, all through the app.


ScienceSoft is ready to introduce SaMD features that automate and improve diagnostics, treatment delivery, or disease management. It is entirely possible for experienced in-house software development teams to create a hospital app. Given the complex nature of the task, it is likely that they will need to scale their existing team with outsourced healthcare app developers such as those available from DevTeam.Space. As with all new software, the key to success is the marriage of innovation with the creation of an easy-to-use and bug-free application. In the era of digital transformation, developing a hospital app for patients determines hospital efficiency. As Deloitte observers state, current digital health apps drive a preventative, digital-first Future of Health as the global trend.

What apps are used for healthcare?

  • HealthTap: The platform is one of the most outstanding mhealth applications examples.
  • WebMD. One of the greatest examples of healthcare application in India and across the globe is WebMD.
  • Generis.
  • Pocket Pharmacist.
  • Teladoc.
  • Medisafe Pill Minder.
  • Apple Health.
  • PEPID.

All these are just a few features app developers try to implement in medicine IT products, but now let us generalize them into one list. In the table below, we share the hospital mobile MVP estimation in hours to give you an idea of basic hospital app features and the project scope. ScienceSoft developed a HIPAA-compliant Android telehealth application that allows patients to attend online appointments with their physicians through secure video calls on their smartphones or tablets. In parallel with the hospital app development, our QA team conducts functional, integration, penetration, performance testing, as well as software compliance and vulnerability assessment.

Hospital Wayfinding App

Patients are becoming more specific about the services and quality. Better reviews and services attract patients or boost their experience. So, general hospital apps Net Developer: Roles & Responsibilities, Skills, Salary, And More are a great way to reach out to potential patients about hospitals’ services. A great mobile app can be a serious advantage and reflect well on your hospital brand.

What is medicine app?

  • TATA 1mg.
  • PharmEasy.
  • NetMeds.
  • Apollo 247.
  • Flipkart Health+ (SastaSundar)
  • MedPlus Mart - Online Pharmacy.
  • Practo.
  • Truemeds.

Epocrates is sought-after by medical experts who want to have a digital source of useful medical information and a patient measurement calculator at their fingertips. Pay attention to confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all electronic health information; protect against anticipated data security threats. Northwestern Medicine is earlier known as Northwestern Memorial Healthcare.

Accurate Patient Diagnostics

Furthermore, if you build a mobile app for your clinic, you get a great tool for collecting patient data, behavior, and feedback reports. Stored in electronic medical records, this information serves as the basis of your communication with patients. With all these parameters, the hospital app turns into a comprehensive and full-cycle solution that covers all the key processes in the medical organization. The exact application areas here include database management, remote monitoring, experience personalization, population health management, and the inclusion of wearable devices. It allows the creation of an app built from scratch and tailored specifically to needs. With custom development, you can integrate robust security features to ensure the app meets healthcare regulations and standards.

app for hospitals

To serve that need, more hospitals are developing applications that offer the right mix of mental health and wellness content and consultation for patients. By offering the freemium version of your hospital application, you are allowing your patients to get the free version of your app, which is just the basic hospital app features. In case the patient wants to unfold the advanced set of features, then they are required to unlock it by paying.

Ask your patients to give you feedback on the mobile app's functionality, the convenience of the design, and what features to implement next. In this way, you will get a clear idea of whether your app meets the patient's expectations or not. Essential for remote patient care, messaging and videoconferencing functionality enables medical staff to provide online consultations and monitor the treatment process. With an experienced team behind 100+ successful healthcare projects, we are ready to implement functionality of any complexity, including the following promising features.

app for hospitals

On the other hand, ready solutions are often a lesser of two evils, because a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works for hospitals. Each one has its own rules, scale, level of technical ability and internal processes that need their own custom solution. The idea to develop a custom mobile app will pay off because it will fit the needs exactly as it should. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all estimate for hospital app development costs.

This health mobile app enables users to record their voices and let Soniphi’s proprietary technology chart out a complete health analysis report for them. The one-click ambulance is one of the crucial features of the hospital app for patients. This amazing feature lets you book an ambulance service for your family, friends, or anyone in need. With a one-click ambulance feature, you can also get your trusted contacts notified about the hospital and its location. Additionally, you can also check out the list of nearby pharmacies and laboratories in case there is any emergency.

  • Neither there was any effective communication or update from the hospital.
  • To achieve data consistency throughout the organization, the hospital app should be integrated with other relevant systems.
  • UX experts map out user journeys to make them more intuitive, and the UI team designs sleek interface elements to make the hospital app attractive for the target users.

Hospital mobile apps are undoubtedly the best way of healthcare digitization. However, healthcare providers must plan and budget if they are interested in mobile app development. So, mhealth solution providers offering hospital mobile app development services must use cloud computing in healthcare for the app.

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